Book 1 Sample Worksheet

Word List

Click on any word to practice how to spell it. Green means correct; red means try again.


The vast majority of words in the English language are names for people, places or things. These words are called nouns.

People    –    e.g. author, Thomas, Nicole Kidman.
Places    –    e.g. stage, Hollywood, China.
Things    –    e.g. face, mirror, talent.


Choose nouns from above each sentence to fill the gaps so that they make sense.

There are more words above than you will need.


Highlight the three nouns in each list.

Starting and finishing sentences

A sentence is a group of words starting with a capital letter. Most sentences end in a full stop.
These are either:    Statements     – sentences that state a fact
or:                           Commands     – sentences that give orders or requests.

Some sentences, however, end with a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!).
These are either:    Questions     – sentences that ask something
or:                           Exclamations     – sentences that express strong emotions.


Drag a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark from above to correctly complete each sentence.

Use all nine punctuation marks.


Try these puzzles in your book


Trivia: How many films are there in the complete ‘Star Wars’ series?

Answers to last week’s puzzles: Word Ladder – hook, hood; Magic word Square – quit, undo, idea, toad; Trivia – sentence.