How to use the program

Each student is provided with an online English Rules! book. The book contains eight sheets per term for four terms. This allows for flexibility within a typical ten week term. Each class teacher is provided with appropriate teacher notes on their home page.

As the sheets build on previous knowledge and explain new material, the program needs to be worked through systematically. The final four revision sheets (29 to 32) follow an identical format each week so, if teachers are unable to complete all of the sheets because of time limitations, then some of these can be deleted without losing crucial information.

There is a practice sheet above the list of contents on the students’ home page. This explains and gives examples of all of the types of exercises students will be expected to complete. It is recommended that each teacher works through this sheet with their class before allowing students to start the actual program.

For quick reference, the notes from all the worksheets have been compiled and are included in the knowledge base. Teachers and students are able to refer to this at any time.

Teachers control when the work is completed. There are three radio buttons found in the teacher admin section – ‘view only’,’open’ and ‘mark’. ‘View only’ is for students to view but not complete work; ‘open’ is for students to complete the sheets (these will be flagged on the students’ content page). When the teacher presses ‘mark’, the students will see ‘deadline set’ beside the sheet on the contents page.

The students have a submit button for each set of exercises. When the student presses submit, that set of exercises will be corrected. Once a student clicks a submit button, no further changes can be made to answers in that section. All correction is done automatically and recorded against the student’s name in the markbook. Teachers have access to the results of each set of questions, but the student will not have access to their marks until all sections have been submitted.

The word list is set at a challenging level. It has an inbuilt function that allows students to practice their spelling on the screen. Teachers, however, may choose to vary the use of the word list to include exercises in such things as alphabetical ordering, word definitions and dictionary practice. Because the word list is connected to a weekly ‘theme’ it can also be used for exercises in story starting, vocabulary building or other teacher directed exercises. The program will be useful in diagnosing particular class or student weaknesses. The areas of instruction which prove difficult for particular groups or particular students may then be followed up with additional class time.

The word game or puzzle on the end of each sheet has been designed as an enjoyable activity and reward for the students. Although it performs a valuable vocabulary building function, it has not been included in the marking scheme and could be treated as optional. It is not interactive and will need to be completed in a student’s workbook.

There is a test provided each term (as a pdf) for teachers to download and print for their classes. These test the material that has been presented and revised during the term. They include a blank area headed ‘spelling’ where the student completes the spelling test provided on the solution sheet. This consists of a selection of words compiled from each of the word lists completed during the term.

Records of student progress are kept automatically in the section of the program called Markbook.

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